Energy certificate

Since May 1, 2014, new statutory regulations for the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) have come into force. This results in new regulations for the energy certificate when renting and selling your property.

Every real estate advertisement in commercial media (e.g. newspaper, internet) must in future contain mandatory information from the energy certificate (e.g. the energy value, etc.).

With every sale or rental, the energy performance certificate must be presented to the tenant or buyer during the inspection and handed over after completion. Anyone who does not ensure this is committing an administrative offense under the Energy Saving Ordinance, which can be fined up to € 15,000. There is also a threat of warnings.

Which energy certificate is required?

until 1978:

up to 4 residential units: requirement ID *

up to 5 residential units: free choice

Non-residential buildings: free choice

from 1979

up to 4 residential units: free choice

up to 5 residential units: free choice

Non-residential buildings: free choice

* Exception: For buildings whose building application was submitted after November 1, 1977 or which, through subsequent measures, meet the requirements of the Thermal Insulation Ordinance of 1977, a consumption certificate is sufficient.

Consumption card for residential buildings

To create the consumption certificate, we need, among other things, the consumption values for the past 3 calendar years. It is not necessary to view the property. – We discuss everything by phone and / or email.

You will receive the consumption certificate approx. 4 – 7 days after placing the order.

Requirement certificate for residential buildings

Our certified specialist (approved energy consultant according to EnEV) will make an appointment with you for a joint inspection of the property in order to create the requirement certificate. We need the following information or data in advance – if available:

– Floor plans, views, sections with dimensions / area information

– type of window (material and glazing)

– Thickness of any existing insulation

– Type and year of construction of the heating system

– Year of construction of the property

If this information is not available, our certified professional will collect this information in cooperation with you when viewing the property.

You will have the certificate of need approx. 7-14 days after viewing the property.

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# 222167560 © brichuas -

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