Expert opinion review

If you are concerned about whether an expert report is correct, then you should have it checked.

When reviewing an expert opinion, the following aspects are examined by me:
– Correspondence of the determined market value with the market value
– Are the procedures, calculations and data performed correct?
– Conclusion or plausibility of the results
– Have all value-influencing factors / circumstances been taken into account
You will then receive a written statement and / or I will explain the complex processes to you in a detailed discussion and give you further advice. - Expertise Review
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Services in Netherlands, Germany:

  • Area measurement including area calculation and floor plans

other services in Germany

  • the valuation (market value calculation, brief appraisal, market value appraisal) of a property,
  • a purchase or sales consultation incl. Market value calculation, brief reports or market value reports,
  • an expert review,
  • an area measurement incl. Area calculation and floor plans,
  • an energy certificate (consumption certificate or requirement certificate) or