Area measurement including area calculation and floor plans:

Nowadays it is more and more important to have precise plans or floor plans and especially area information. This is becoming more and more common when buying, selling or renting a property or when planning renovations. Regardless of this, it is always beneficial to have or receive a concrete overview of your property.

We offer you an area measurement including area calculation and the creation of floor plans by our experts (experts, architects, civil engineers or real estate experts) on site for all residential and commercial properties.

Optionally, in addition to the aforementioned area measurement (including area calculation and creation of floor plans), you can receive an measurement including calculation of the gross floor area. The gross floor area denotes the totality of all floor areas according to the external dimensions (including the walls and wall structures) of the respective floor.

We work for you in the following countries.

  • Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland,
  • Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
  • Switzerland Austria,
  • Great Britain, Ireland,
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal,
  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland

Through this cooperation, we offer a professional real estate service in the form of a qualitative area measurement in connection with the creation of floor plans and area calculations.